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A Handful Of Winning Labor Economics Research Paper Topics

Labor economics attempts to predict the response of employers and employees to changing prices, wages, and working conditions. The study is rather broad and diverse, as both macroeconomic and microeconomic techniques are employed in it. Before starting to write a research paper on labor economics, you will have to come up with an interesting and up-to-date topic.

Writing a Labor Economics Research Paper: Actual Topics

  • Minimum wages.
  • What factors do influence them and why do they grow so slowly?

  • Effect of taxes on labor supply.
  • Do lower taxes ensure better labor supply?

  • Wage structure.
  • How do skills, education, experience, etc. affect wage?

  • How does immigration affect the labor market?
  • Immigration is now more widespread than ever. What are its positive and negative sides for the labor market?

  • Technologies and labor market.
  • Technological progress changed the means of production and working conditions. However, did it improve the well-being of workers?

  • Vocational versus higher education.
  • Does it matter for employment what kind of education you have?

  • The economic impacts of strikes.
  • These may cause multimillion damage, but do they change the way global economy functions?

  • Minimum wages and firm profitability.
  • Are companies with lower minimum wages more profitable?

  • Regulation of working hours.
  • People work 35 hours a week in some countries. Does it lead to higher labor productivity?

  • Gender in the labor market.
  • How can we explain the difference in income men and women get?

  • Trade unions.
  • Are they successful in battling for the interests of employees?

  • How big is the connection between demography and economic growth?
  • How does wealth influence the choice of profession?

Other Suggestions and Tips on Writing

Mentioned above are only the most general topics that invariably draw the attention of scholars. You may, however, narrow down your topic to something like “The labor market in Italy” or “What role does demography play in the economic growth of India?” A narrower topic may be a good choice if you know where to get a lot of specific information on it.

Make an outline before starting to write. A well-structured outline will ensure that your research paper is easy to read and provides a coherent flow of information. Write a rough draft after completing an outline. It’s called rough and that means you shouldn’t worry about spelling or grammar mistakes when composing it. You will be able to smooth your paper when editing and proofreading it.