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5 Struggles You Will Face While Writing Your Research Paper On Poetry

Whether you are in the poetry or not, you may still find that you struggle if writing a research paper based on the subject. In fact, the following outlines five possible areas that you might find you run into difficulties with.

  1. Understanding the content of any poems you wish to write about
  2. Firstly, if you need to write about poems, then it is important that you understand the content contained within them. Of course, some people have a natural gift for analyzing and interpreting poetry, particularly if they are good at writing poetry themselves; however, it can be difficult to understand what the writer was intending, particularly if the use of language is archaic.

  3. Difficulties in establishing which poets and poems are more relevant than others
  4. If you need to write a comparison between poems of poets, then you may struggle to find ways in which to compare the two, particularly in terms of relevance. Having said that, you will often find that your views on the matter will inevitably need to be quite subjective and that very few people agree; therefore, this can actually make it easier than it might first appear.

  5. The need to rewrite existing drafts of your work
  6. If you think you come up with a really excellent first draft of your work, then that is fantastic; however, you will inevitably be required to rewrite certain aspects of what you have already written. It might be that you lack the motivation to write a new draft, or you failed to see where exactly you can make improvements.

  7. Any difficulties when it comes to planning and getting the work done
  8. One thing that most people struggle with when it comes to writing academic work is the inability to plan and get the work done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Of course, the process becomes easier with practice; however, it is essential that you allow yourself enough time to plan things from the very beginning, including details relating to the research, as well as potentially even going through paragraph by paragraph, listing details that you may wish to write about.

  9. Feeling satisfied that you have done enough research and read and written about the poems
  10. One area where you might struggle is the feeling of satisfaction at the end of the work that you have done enough to meet the requirements. It might be that you feel you haven’t read and written about in the poems, or that you haven’t done enough in other areas. To help with this, you may consider asking someone else to read through the work, in order to give you their opinion.