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How To Create A Research Paper On The Spanish-American War

An essay on any war should be based on strong research work. People might disagree with your point of view but they should never be able to find a flaw in your facts. The Spanish American War has been elementary in shaping the USA’s policy of expansion. There are some basic expectations from a paper on the Spanish-American War irrespective of what aspect you write about or how long you make it.

Introducing the war

Since you are writing about a particular time in the past, you need to establish the scenario first. It is important however to not overdo it. The purpose is not to talk about the war in general but to discuss a specific aspect so all you need to do is set the premise. According to popular belief, it is the explosion of the US battleship Maine that triggered the war. What was the situation like immediately before? What led them to go to war? You could use quotations from the time.

Developing the context

This part of your paper would delve deeper into your topic and explain the angle you are about to take. Inform your readers about particular places; introduce characters or jargon which they might need to be familiar with. Explain why this was a crucial phase in shaping America’s expansion policies and its imperialistic nature. You could also talk about a few smaller battles which were of significance.

Arguments and evidences

The stage is now set with all metaphorical points being established. Now you begin to work on your specific argument by citing incidents, decisions, and the like from the war. The transition from earlier paragraphs to this one should be smooth as you take references from them to slowly blend in your argument. Suggest how your point can be proven from the incidents stated earlier and ways to interpret what happened in the Spanish American War to take things in the favor of your argument.

Concluding the paper

Now your arguments have been established. In the concluding part of your custom term paper writing on the Spanish-American War, you should be able to place those arguments in the bigger picture and say something even more concrete. You can discuss the effects the war had on people of both the nations and how it shaped the future of the countries in decades to come.

Find out what other historians have to say about the war and use their quotations to prove or refute your point.